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Below are a list of our most commonly asked questions.
Alternatively you can contact us via Phone on 1800 FORGET or 1800 367 438.
Or e-mail our enquiries team @ info@forgetreg.com.au


What is Forget Reg?
We are a "lay by" service that gives you the option of pre-paying your registration with either monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments until the due date. We pay your registration for you prior to the renewal date.

We don't pay your registration up front we are strictly a lay-by system.


Which states is this available for?
Forget Reg is available for all states. As the website is currently undergoing an upgrade SA, NSW, ACT and WA accounts will need to call us on 1800 367 438 in order to complete registration.  VIC, TAS and QLD are currently clients are able to fully register online.


How do I join?
You can join online by selecting the yellow apply now button at the top right of the Forget Reg webpage. You can also contact us on 1800 367 438 and one of our team will assist you through the join up process.


Am I locked into any contract?
You are not locked into any contract with Forget Reg.  You are welcome to leave any time you like and receive a rebate back minus your monthly administration fees.


What vehicles can I join?
All vehicles registered with your relevant state registration organization may be added to your account.


My Account gives me a message “ Your account has been deactivated by admin”
This message  occurs when your account has been cancelled. If you are receiving this message but still have an active account with us, please contact our support line on 1800 367 438. 


Is it safe to make Direct Debit payment?
Yes it is safe to do direct debit payments. Integra Pay is a leading direct debit platform.  They are a reputable company handling all our transactions. Integra Pay have been operating for many years and have a trusted name within the industry and has a strong reputation dealing with very large databases worldwide.


If I sell my car, how do I obtain a refund?
There are a few different options for this.  If you simply changeover vehicles,  you can continue with Forget Reg and update your details by contacting us. Alternatively, you receive a full refund of your money minus the relative administration fee.


What payment method do you accept?
Currently, we accept direct debit from bank accounts or credit/debit card payments. We are working towards integrating a PayPal system.
Credit/Debit card payments incur a 2.5% charge.


Will I get a receipt?
On the day we lodge your payment, you will receive an email with your registration receipt attached.  You have access to your receipts at any time from your account. Your records will be regularly updated and printable. Making it easy for tax and accounting purposes.


What happens if I want to cancel?
If you ever want to cancel, just complete the Cancellation form and you will be rebated your payments less our relative administration fee. Should you prefer, you can email or call us to advise.


What happens if Forget Reg doesn't pay my Rego or misses the payment?
If we should miss your registration payment, we take full responsibility for the fine and your rego payment providing all information supplied was accurate.


What are the extra costs for paying my rego with Forget Reg
There is a $5 monthly Administration Fee. You can list as many cars, bikes and boats plus many other items you own that incur registration fees.  These can appear under one account for a single $5 a month providing your debits are from the same bank account or credit card.

Please note with credit card payments there is 2.5% charge per payment.  
There is also a one off fee of $5.50 for your payment hub account set up.
Note that there is also $8.60 rejection fee should a payment be declined.


Is there a grace period on my vehicle registration once it expires?
No, there is no grace period. Your vehicle registration expires at midnight of the date shown on the registration documentation. Once the registration expires, the vehicle must not be driven until the registration is renewed. Driving an unregistered vehicle incurs heavy penalties. 


Does Vic Roads have an arrangement with Australia Post for an instalment card for registration payments?
No. Vic Roads does not have any arrangement with Australia Post to offer instalments as a method of payment for vehicle registration.


What if my account experiences multiple failed payments?
Forget Reg advises clients via email when a failed payment occurs. However, should four (4) consecutive failures occur, we exercise the right to cancel the client and will reimburse any accrued funds less administration and bank fees.