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About Us

Forget Reg is a company started by people who, like many others, struggle to find the large sum of money each year to pay their registration.  We sought to find an easier way to manage this large and unplanned expense.   If you have two or more cars and for those who own a boat, bike, caravan or trailer, they all need registration and are all easily forgotten.  The cost adds up very fast and always when least expected.



Forget Reg helps the people that find it hard to budget for their registrations and those who wish the process simplified by eliminating one area of stress in their busy lives.



We are an Australian company and we understand everyone's financial situation is different. We all know how high the cost of living is nowadays and like us, if you have a family, the bills never end and with the annual increase to registrations you are looking at approximately $800 for your average car rego in Victoria.  We have an easy solution for you and want to help make your life easier.




Forget Reg is 100% Australian owned and based in Melbourne.